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It’s unpredictable

I see him daily near a mall,
Under a tree selling fruits,
As the hot sun scorches dry,
Hiding under an umbrella.

It’s no wonder that struggle,
Is the same for everyone,
It’s the choice that decides,
How you lead your life!

Life is not a bed of roses,
Some work hard to earn,
Some have money to spend,
Either ways it’s unpredictable!

Kavitha Patchamalai

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Cry aloud!

The heavy chest that suffocates,
A pain that travels to the throat,
And squeezes the neck tight,
That’s a reaction to heartbreak!

Do not hesitate to cry aloud,
As no medicine can kill the pain,
But the tears that cleanse you,
And refresh you to breath!

Take a deep breath and let it go,
As you only can overcome the pain,
Else will grow monstrous into anxiety,
And depression, a deep dark gorge!

Kavitha Patchamalai

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Gifted is the one born rich,
Blessed are the others with grit,
Godly are the helping hands,
That feed the starving poor!

It’s a pleasure to see the smile,
Of the one on the receiving end,
For even small gifts are big,
That kindles love and affection.

The receivers become humble,
And become a part of us,
Giving no choice but to love,
Give more till they say no more!

Kavitha Patchamalai

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Fly away

Since a few decades, I see,
A couple not the same but,
Different pair that chirp,
Happily speaking in joy!

I see one guard the nest,
May take turns, never knew,
As both are green and same,
Cute little pair are they!

Calm they dwell in the hole,
Hate any noise or attention,
Hard to capture in my mobile,
As they fly away to snub me!

Kavitha Patchamalai

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You dirty Liar!

I luckily discovered you at college,

You would make me happy often,

With those romantic thoughts,

Promises that kept me dreaming.

You were every girl’s desire,

A charmer with a glossy outlook,

Filled with romance and elegance,

I filled my empty head with passion.

When I faced the reality, was shocked,

Disappointed, hated as I saw none,

That you said in each line, true lies,

You, Mills and Boon, I hate you!

Kavitha Patchamalai

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Lay curled next to me,
After a journey in me,
Swimming, kicking in me,
My flesh, blood and my life!

Were a spongy little thing,
Who came out crying aloud,
With long nails and hair,
Is a cute little angel to me!

Divine is your smell to me,
Pure and holy is your presence,
A precious bundle of joy,
That keeps me going!

Kavitha Patchamalai

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Grieve not for the lost money,

It’s just money you can earn it back.

Fear not for the future life,

For it will be better that the present.

Listen not to the success stories,

Where’s the other stories teach you.

Touch not the one that is unwilling,

For it is a sin that would haunt you.

Share not the knowledge for free,

As it is the treasure that lasts till end.

Kavitha Patchamalai