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George and Mama Pig

He calls himself, “George”,
Piles up all the pillows,
And jumps from the sofa,
Rolling on the floor giggling!

My pulse becomes abnormal,
As I wish to burn the pillows,
But his tantrums warn me,
And keep myself composed!

Granny pig has no patience,
And guts to watch George,
Grandpa pig is horrified,
Yet, keeps an eye on him!

Mommy pig had a long day,
Watching over him play,
Falls asleep before bedtime,
Awakes hearing,”Mom!”.

Kavitha Patchamalai

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The Plight

Do you suffer from a loveless life?
You are not alone in this world,
As no one is happy but miserable,
Even if they are blessed with love.

Cut of the expectation after a point,
And focus on how to live this life,
For you may not get this life again,
Stop chasing after love that’s fake.

You can’t undo the wasted time,
Waiting for finding the lost love,
But do yourself a favor forgetting,
The past that’s worthless and nil.

Kavitha Patchamalai

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His intoxicating smile!

My heart swells at his smile,

A welcoming smile seeing me,

After his school hours is worth,

Being a mother is a priceless gift.

Is that the love that I longed for,

Years wasted in loneliness,

And like the one lost in a desert,

Found some water, hugged him!

I know that I found love in him,

As I wish to be with him eternally,

For he is like a beautiful flower,

With fragrance that intoxicates me!

Kavitha Patchamalai

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Angry Birds

One can never be out of the other’s sight,
Yet they hate each and every moment,
Digging the bitter past memories,
Of hatred and events that trigger anger.

He lost all the strength working hard,
Whereas she lost all the patience,
The love between them is incredible,
That withstood all miserable times.

Both are equally dedicated and caring,
In their own ways, poking and prodding,
Mostly ending in a useless fight,
And a cup of tea to cool their nerves!

Kavitha Patchamalai

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Before and After Chemo with Immunotherapy

Six months back, the patient X had a heart attack and was taken to a private hospital with the hb count as low as 5.4 g/dL. He was given 2 units of blood in ER. After all the tests proved persistent low hb, he was tested for Multiple Myeloma. The bone marrow biopsy and blood tests came positive and Dr. Varadarajan insisted on treating him immediately.

This Doctor is the most humane and transparent Doctor who goes with the facts and blood results and makes no fuss about the disease. His expertise comes with experience. In his late sixties, he is the most wanted Doctor who treats blood related disorders. The following image shows the m-spike that indicates the deadly disease.

The family and the patient’s cooperation was much needed. During the first chemo, the patient acquired severe Pneumonia and was treated with heavy antibiotics. It was a hard time for the patient who lost hope due to severe body pain and distress including anxiety and depression. After the second chemotherapy, the test results showed promising results as his body was responding to the chemo and immunotherapy, the hb rose to a considerable count.

While undergoing chemotherapy, the WBC count goes too low in turn makes the patient vulnerable to any infection that becomes uncontrollable and severe. The patient X, after 3rd chemo got dehydrated due to dysentery as his immunity was compromised.

Chemotherapy is not dangerous but the side effects are indeed fatal if not treated immediately. Based on the schedule, the patient completed six cycles of chemotherapy along with the immunotherapy. His hb is 13.6 g/dL. The following image shows the monoclonal peak missing.

The attendees or the family that takes care of the patient must be very vigilant and careful in providing food that is hot and fresh. The patient will experience mood swings and drive others crazy. The family must be in a position to tolerate the unexpected. It’s a very costly disease. One should be ready to burn their purse as each cycle would minimum cost a lakh. No money, no life. The modern medicines are amazing and I don’t think all could afford the treatment as money is not only the requirement but care taking and love is most needed.

  • please bear with my non medical language as I am not a doctor.

Kavitha Patchamalai

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He saw a sweet little creature,

Hiding under a bush on the way home,

As he went nearby, wagged it’s tail,

And sniffed him with it’s wet nose.

The red ribbon around it’s neck,

Indicated the pet’s owner as a kid,

The worn out pet was weak,

And hungry that touched his cord.

Went back home to pick a bag,

As it was very dirty and strange,

His eyes searched for it eagerly,

To give a home and save it.

It was there just where he left,

Poor thing was it, an innocent puppy,

Thought of giving him a bath,

But gave a bowl of milk, the elixir for him.

Kavitha Patchamalai

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Kisses don’t define love

Not the one who passionately kisses you,
But the one who stays with you.
In worst, broken times when you stand alone,
There comes a hand to hold and shout for you.
The rage with which he spits fire,
To the one that tries to hurt you.
Verbal is the support yet gives you strength to fight back,
And sigh with joy that someone is there.
Once I thought lust defines love,
But a simple nod at dark times does it.
So I run home to feel the love,
With the real people who wish I come home.
Simple living gives a pleasure,
That will stay forever and ever.
Purse and wallet will be there,
But will be useless if there is none to share.
A pet lover will have a big heart to love,
For there lies the soft and true heart.
Love is nothing but a joy,
That reminds you are not alone.

Kavitha Patchamalai